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Mission Statement

Prairie Heritage Seeds Organics is committed to providing the customer a healthier food alternative through sustainable agriculture, at the same time, offering a reputable place to do business.


Our History

Alfred Galarneau took over the family farm at the age of 19, after the sudden death of his father in 1953. As a young farmer, Alfred understood the importance of sustainable agriculture. Alfred & his wife realized the benefits of farming “chemical free”. In the early 80’s the couple learned of the growing interest in organic production and that consumers were willing to pay a premium for healthier food. The couple were already farming “chemical free” and they soon took hold of opportunities in a flourishing industry. Alfred marketed his first load of chemical free grain in 1982.

With a growing market and the need to secure consumer confidence, Alfred began to seek an independent third party certification system. This lead him to a meeting in Lenexville, Quebec where he met with several processors to discuss a system to assure grains were produced free of chemicals.
Later, it would be said this was the first OCIA meeting in Canada. With a group of four other organic farmers, Alfred travelled to Portland, Oregon and applied for the first OCIA chapter in Western Canada: OCIA SASK Chapter #1.

Alfred & Reine and their two sons built their first grain cleaning plant in 1987, under the name Galarneau Farms and started to work with other farmers to fill the ever growing market. Eventually, Alfred & Reine retired from the business and their sons took over. The two brothers built up the business into a successful international organic grain trading company, forming Prairie Heritage Seeds Organics Inc. Together, Alex & Robert and their spouses, Janet & Corrine, own and operate P.H.S. Organics. Alfred & Reine still remain an integral part of the operations.

In an effort to keep up with their commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has continually upgraded its grain cleaning & handling facilities and built a 10,000square foot warehouse on site. In 2000, a grain elevator was purchased along the redcoat road & rail, to better facilitate grain storage and was named Pangman Storage & Loading. They are proud to have preserved a Saskatchewan heritage icon and it will now remain a “prairie sentinel” within the landscape.

The evolution from organic pioneer to an international organic grain trading company is evidence that Prairie Heritage Seeds Organics Inc. is a well established leader within the organic grain industry. The journey continues as Prairie Heritage Seeds Organics continually strives to increase their knowledge about emerging organic farming practices, organic products, logistics and quality assurance. We understand that the most important asset of our business, are the people we work with. Our success hinges on the relationships we form with our growers, customers and staff.


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